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If you have questions about any of our wound, ostomy, and continence supplies, our knowledgeable and helpful NSWOC (Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence) and our team members will be glad to answer your questions.

Welcome to Macdonald's Wound, Ostomy & Continence Clinic

If you've had ostomy surgery because of cancer, incontinence, or inflammatory bowel disease, you need the right ostomy supplies to live life comfortably. Struggling with a wound that won't heal? Urine or fecal incontinence? Macdonald's Prescriptions & Medical Supplies has the support and supplies you need.

We know that adjusting to living with an ostomy pouch or a wound can be difficult, but we're here to help you.

We offer a wide range of wound, ostomy, and continence supplies for all your various needs:
Ostomy Pouching Systems
Ostomy pouching systems come in different options and styles. There are 1- and 2-piece products, and each of those has a drainable and a closed option. Let us help you find the right pouching system for your specific lifestyle and comfort level.
Ostomy Accessories
Ostomy Accessories
Barrier rings, ostomy paste, adhesive remover, barrier extenders, Odour products, ostomy belts, and many more accessories are available; discuss your needs with your ostomy nurse.
Hernia Belts / Garments
Hernia Belts / Garments
Over-the-counter and custom hernia belts are available. It is advisable to make an appointment with your ostomy nurse to ensure the fit and style are right for you.
Continence Supplies
Continence Supplies
Catheters, indwelling and intermittent, and condom drainage and accessories are available. Our trained NSWOCs can assist you in determining the right size and design for your needs.
Wound Care
Our clinicians are trained wound care nurses that can assist you with managing your wound care needs. We have a large selection of specialized wound care dressings available. We specialize in the management of venous insufficiency and lymphoedema. Trained stocking and garment fitters are available to assist in measuring your compression needs.