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Rectal Discharge post-ostomy surgery

If you have had ostomy surgery and still have your anus, you may experience rectal discharge. This discharge is mucous and is normal. Your intestine produces mucous, and if you still have your anus, you will need to pass this mucous. When you feel the urge to go to the bathroom, you will need to go and pass this mucous. It may feel like you are having a bowel movement. The amount of mucous will vary, and it can be odourous. It is vital to strengthen your rectal muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help you wait until a bathroom is close by to relieve the mucous.

Management of rectal mucus:

  • Consider sitting on the toilet every day and trying to pass the mucus.
  • Evaluate your diet to determine if certain foods cause an increase.
  • If the skin around your anus is painful, apply barrier ointments – discuss with your stoma nurse.
  • A glycerin suppository may help thin the mucous, making it easier to pass.
  • If you are experiencing incontinence with mucous, you may want to consider an anal plug. Please discuss this with an ostomy nurse and your surgeon to ensure it is safe.