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Fair PharmaCare

Reimbursement of Ostomy, Wound & Continence Supplies

How does Fair PharmaCare work?

Families registered for Fair PharmaCare will pay full prescription costs* until they meet their deductible during a calendar year (January to December). Once a family meets the deductible, PharmaCare will pay 70% of the eligible cost of a drug for Regular Assistance families and 75% for Enhanced Assistance families (those with a member born before 1940) until they reach their family maximum.

The family maximum is the annual amount that a family will pay toward eligible drug costs. After the family maximum is reached, PharmaCare will pay 100% of eligible drug costs (including most, not all, ostomy products) for the rest of the calendar year.

Deductibles and family maximums are based on the family's net income.

Financial Assistance for Ostomy Supplies

Fair Pharmacare

Fair PharmaCare helps B.C. families pay for eligible prescription drugs, dispensing fees, and some medical supplies such as ostomy supplies. Fair PharmaCare is income-based; the less a family earns, the more help they get. It is deductible based, which runs the calendar year, from January to December.

To qualify, one needs to be:

  • Registered for Fair PharmaCare
  • Families must have Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage
  • Must have filed taxes
The deductible resets in January each year.

More Fair PharmaCare Info:

Other Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Wound & Continence Supplies

  • Fair Pharmacare does not cover wound and continence supplies
  • Private insurances (e.g., Blue Cross, Sunlife, etc.)
    Individuals MUST self-submit invoices
  • Veterans, RCMP, WorkSafeBC, ICBC