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Aging with an ostomy

Aging with an ostomy can be divided into body changes and the ability to change or manage your ostomy pouching system. As the body ages, the stoma can vary in size and shape. The abdominal muscles may weaken when exercise decreases, leading to a softer abdomen. Pouching systems that stay on for six days may no longer work and leak after a shorter period.

Changing the pouching system independently may not be possible due to dexterity concerns, diseases such as Parkinson's, or mental changes such as dementia or forgetfulness. Asking for assistance can be difficult, especially for such a personal task.

Steps to prepare for aging with an ostomy

  1. Make an appointment with your ostomy nurse to discuss your concerns.
  2. Involve your family, share your concerns with your spouse/partner or children and work towards a plan.
  3. Write down your ostomy supplier, ostomy nurse, and phone number.
  4. Create a care plan for your ostomy change:
    • Frequency of change
    • List of the supplies used
    • Step-by-step instructions sheet on changing the pouching system