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Daily Care

Managing your ostomy should be part of your daily routine. Most people living with an ostomy change their pouching system 2-3 times a week. They will empty the pouch more frequently, depending on your ostomy type. If you have a colostomy and wear a closed pouch, you may change it once or twice a day.

  • Check the adherence of the flange to your skin – if the flange is lifting, consider adding some tape or flange extenders to secure it.
  • Monitor for leakages.
    What constitutes a leak?
    • Stool/urine leaking outside of the flange (baseplate).
    • A feeling of itchiness or burning around your stoma.
    • When gas escapes between the flange and your stoma, this can lead to a leak - you may experience odour when this happens. There may be no other visual signs.

Changing your pouch

The frequency of changing your pouching system is very individual. Some individuals will change daily. This can be a preference or due to a challenging stoma and abdominal contours. Others may change every two days. Most individuals will opt to change twice a week. Having a predictable wear time and consistent days of the week will make it easier to plan a morning routine.

How to change your ostomy pouching system?

Changing your ostomy pouching system will be specific to you and your stoma; see below for the basic concept:

  • Prepare your pouching system and supplies before the removal of your pouching system.
  • Warm up your flange (2-piece system) or pouching system (1-piece system) under your arm for better adherence.
  • Remove your current pouching system using adhesive remover (spray or wipe).
  • Discard into the garbage.
  • Clean your skin with warm water and a cloth/paper towel. DO NOT use any commercial cleaning wipes, e.g., baby wipes. There is no need to use soap in any form as it may prevent the adherence of your pouching system.
  • If you wish, have a shower, it is ok for the stoma to have running water on it.
  • Reapply your pouching system following the steps provided by your ostomy nurse.
  • Press immediately around your stoma to ensure a good seal is obtained.
  • Press and hold the ostomy pouching system to your body to allow for the warmth of your hand to help the pouch.

Demonstration Videos: